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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
Well I got the chain (major difference, makes the stock chain look like a toy) a few days ago and i have been tinkering with tension ever since.

its like i cant get that perfect amount of tension without using a chain tensioner and the idler on it is that cheapo plastic wheel. I don't think i can take it off either (maybe by cutting through it?).

so as a result of lack of tension, the chain pops off the sprocket and i have to re-do to whole thing (loosen the motor, drop it to where i can get it back on the sprocket, lift the motor, tighten it back up) very tiring process when you do it 10x a day and you only get 1 or 2 minute rides out of it.

so i have been browsing around to see if i can solve the problem and so far its a no go.

i have read some good suggestive posts and i had the idea to try this if i could find a 17T idler sprocket for a #41 chain.

right now i have the bike hooked up with the tensioner and cheapo idler and there is no slack in the chain (haven't test rode it yet) and its very tight. The only problem is its a little hard to peddle (a assume because of the thickness of that chain in the idler?)
It should be really hard to make a #41 chain pop off the drive sprocket due to its size, you really have it coming off on you up there? As for putting it back on, you shouldn't have to dismount the motor? If you need slack in the chain to get it back on you should dismount your rear wheel to get that slack instead of the motor, should be much easier, specially if you have quick release hubs. If you have a master link just remove it and feed the chain over the motor sprocket by turning the sprocket with the spark plug tool that came with your kit, then reinstall the master link. I run a one piece #41 chain (no master link) and I can't get my chain to come off (or go back on) without pulling the drive sprocket off the motor. I have never had this chain come off on me (the kit chain did all the time), so I suspect if you have a #41 chain coming off you have a problem with the alignment of your rear sprocket. Either it is not centered on the hub and the wobble is making your chain bounce and come off, or the position of the rear sprocket is not aligned with the motor sprocket causing the chain to dog leg a bit and come off.
As for eliminating the tensioner all together, you would need to shorten the chain to the smallest size that will fit, then adjust the rear wheel position and motor mouting position until there is enough tension on the chain. Sounds to me like you are using too much tension if you have that much resistance, your chain should have some slack in it, it should have enough slack to lift it about 1/2" with your finger. My drive chain has a fair amount of slack in it and it never pops off on me, the slack has never caused me any problems. In fact, I find too much tension causes me more resistance, noise and problems than having a bit of slack.

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