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Default Re: Jaguar gone, what now?

Originally Posted by kevyleven007 View Post
MOTOR KITS AT TARGET?All i get is little kid riding toys.I also have trouble with the target website and sears also.funny thing is wall marts works great.funny....idk.maybe scary.of course,$90 shipping from sears was enough to stear me away and they dont even carry bikes at the one at the local mall.only place to get bikes here is wall mart,target,and acadamy sports and outdoors.wall mart has about half the selection they had 3 years ago(remodeled).acadamy about the about 1/4 of that.wall mart .com is the best deal i have local bike shops here at all.Thats all there is.Thank god for the internet
Yes, thank God for the internet. IDK what I would do without a bike shop. Department store bikes will serve there purpose good enough if they are taken care of and built right, you can't always trust the Walmart workers to do a good job.
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