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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Is it the clutch shoes that are chattering? or the clutch drum not spinning totally true?
I have had similar issues with both my BMP kit & 2 Staton double bearing clutch drivers. It wasn't the clutch shoes or the bearings, but a loose/wobbly drum. On the BMP kit, I had to install an extra 1/2" washer which allows the shaft-end screw to remove excess play from the 1/2" shaft removing drum play. On both Staton drivers, there is no threaded end to the shafts, but by removing the driver, laying it flat on the ground & installing one to two extra 5/8" washers between the pulley & bearing & pushing down on it while locking the pulley set screw, it also removes the play allowing the drum to spin totally true...
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