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Default Re: Laid Back Seat Post Comparison

Here are a couple pictures showing a lower method of post installation. Not the best pictures but this is the correct way to install the post. Flip those guts around and you'll see you can practically drag your rear end on the tire! By the way Jeff is right about the two designs. I used to use the plate design and switched a long time ago. Asfor length of post in the frame I have been making them shorter. Current length is established by what fits in a USPS flat rate envelope!

seat 1 by Sportsman Flyer, on Flickr

seat 2 by Sportsman Flyer, on Flickr

Here is the same post you have with a Brooks saddle. About as close as you would want to get to the tire.

Sportsman Flyer by Sportsman Flyer, on Flickr

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