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Default Re: Laid Back Seat Post Comparison

Hi GasX,
Glad I caught this comparison. Just a couple thoughts. You mention that the seat cannot go low enough with the Sportsman post. Part of the problem is that you don't have the seat guts installed properly on your seat. You need to flip the clamp 180 degrees and you will find that you can go much lower. On my Panther build I can almost scrape the tire with the seat. As for length of set back I purpoosely keep the horizontal section short. Since I can almost reach the tire with the seat there is no need to make it very long and I also have to consider the fact that I will no doubt run into 250 pounders making their best attempt to bend the post. By the way I start with good quality chromoly seat posts for added strength. I will try to dig up a picture showing the seat guts rotated like I mentioned.
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