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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Today was more productive than most, not busier, just more productive. First, I installed weaker springs in the centrifugal clutch of the "Red Hornet" so she engages quicker and transitions more smoothly when shifting. Hopefully, it will now engage just above idle. I always scavenge springs and screws from old appliances and tools, so I had plenty that would fit to choose from. I then made a new gasket for the exhaust manifold because at high speed it was spitting oil on the rear fender and engine coil. I applied Permatex, so I have to wait for it to dry to try it out (first thing in the morning) After that I shifted my attention to my new Rat Bobber. When trying to start it for the first time I realized that you cannot "bump start" an engine that drives a rear freewheel through a jackshaft. So I took the cover off of the flywheel and tried to start it with my electric drill and a socket over the flywheel nut. Nothing, nada, not even a sputter. I pulled the plug, again, nothing, nada, dead. I have a new NGK and new CDI, so I'm thinking it's the 3 year old magneto coil, probably the weakest link in a Chinagirl engine. I ordered two, plus a recoil start from BGF and will try again when the parts come in.

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