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Default Re: Jaguar gone, what now?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
My neighbor, the one I mentioned in the first post, just stopped by. He wanted to know what I knew about the engine kits Target was selling. Target's website is corrupted, or something. Every time I go on it my computer locks up. He said they have 2 stroke engine kits and parts available. He said the engine is black and they also have ready-to-ride motorized bikes. Anyone else seen these? I can't get past the first page of Target's website. Either my computer is jacked up or their website is.

I tried finding out about these so called's ? My search came up empty, the only thing that I could think of is to go to that Target Tom to see what these are all about. That way you can get a hands-on look to see if it is trustworthy and up to our standards, or if it is in a different class, who know's??? I'll keep looking and post when and if I find something.
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