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Default Re: Air Pneumatic Nibbler and Cutter

that looks like a handy little nibbler , for 40 bucks .
i,ve only used the bigger electric nibblers before .
As for pressure , i,de say most tools like full shop pressure 80-90 psi . it will work on a small home compressor ( it will just never shut off )

SPOKES ... just use a pair of side cutters on spokes ( don,t use the nibbler .... especially a small one like that ) your just gonna end up wrecking the nibbler .

KEY WORD ... ( Nibbler ) ... not spoke cutter
if use it only on sheet metal like it was made for , then i can,t see why it wouldn,t work ok.

I allready know that if you do get one ... despite any warnings ... you're gonnal use it on a spoke ... just to see if it will cut it .

SO ... IF YOU DO ... BE CAREFULL ... If you cut a spoke ( a loose/off of the wheel spoke ) chances are the loose end that you are not holding will shoot up and stick in your eye ( you know , like that mini Jay Lenno looking kid with the red ryder BB gun from - The Chistmas Story ).....Then you,ll be running around .. bleeding and screaming like a little baby , going ... doctor doctor theres a spoke in my eye , and all that .
And then the doctors gonna ask ya ... " well didn,t anyone tell ya not to cut spokes with a nibbler " ? And your gonna have a stupid look on your face and you're gonna say " well ya ... but ahhh " . Then the doctors gonna give you this ( what a dummie look ) ..." nurse .... get me the visegrips .. we got another spoke cutter here
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