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Default Re: Some help with centrifugal clutch install

Originally Posted by rohmell View Post
On some CCs that I have bought, the weight/friction assy. (the part with the spring holding it all together) was easily removed from the rest of the clutch, on some, it just fell off, but on others it held together with a death grip.

I file the rough edges in the egg-shaped hole and the mating surfaces on the bearing shaft so that the the weight/friction assy. is easy to remove once the center screw is removed. This allows easy access to the sprag and bearing surfaces for easy cleaning and lubrication, and also allows you to remove the large replacement cover easily so that you can service the manual clutch.

Doing this allows the bearing shaft with the taper fit to always remain on the crankshaft, so you don't have to keep taking it off and putting it on once it is set to the correct depth so that everything clears the replacement small cover.
I understand what your talking about, but how do you go about disassembling the clutch so that the gear stays on the shaft? What are the steps to take? From what I can see with the cc on I do see grease on the springs. Thanx for the help Rohmell. Its a learning in progress.

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