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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Today I patched up a whole in my innertube. Got a new rim and moved the sprocket onto the new one. Got a new tire and put it all together. Walked to the gas station filled it up with air only to get home and find that the tire wasnt in correctly. Just threw it on my bike and rode it back to the gas station let air out realligned tire filled back up great. Come home get the mail and I just got my new intake from bike berry( i was surprised on how light it was, thought it would be heavier). Still havnot installed it. Then I go back outside try to ride the bike and my freaking chain for pedaling was slipping so I took some links out only to find out I pulled to many out. So I tried putting them in and I cant do it so I wasnt able to ride my bike. Ive been trying for at least 3 hours now and gave up. So now that I got my new manifold I cant even test it and see how much better my motor will run so fml. Now I have to somehow tommroow get the chain on my bike and install my new manifold. fml
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