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Default Re: Magneto-powered headlights

o k I think your on to something I my self am using a similar setup only added drains are full time rear only running lights an a single headlamp . heres the full setup dual headlamps combined draw 156 ma/ 70 lumins ,rear running lights 1157 style combined draw 70 ma only when fully lit , an turn signals combined draw 30 ma only when lit , I had planned to use this rectifier at thread an a diode to stop flow of current back to the motor with a 12v 7.5 amp hr sla battery same as you all I want to do is utilize the engine mag as a trickle charge an built in to my light system the ability to switch off one or both the headlamps, now I like your setup with the ability to shut off the power from the mag .
maybe between us both we could come up with a solution .
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