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Default Re: I had a breakdown today...

Tnx for the link to the rtv, Vince...
Yup, I've used that stuff before, as directed, when I had no other options.
I would NOT use that for a head gasket. Period !
and I'd only use it in place of a base gasket if there were no other option.
...perhaps a very small amount smeared on some sort of card stock cut in the shape of a base gasket with a razor...

The stuff cures sticky and flexible... can't really be torqued properly because it always gives. and I'm sure it would not stand up to compression pressures.

I dunno... not sure what to say... I just can not be positive about using this stuff for anything but it's advised use.
...GREAT stuff for smearing on an intake manifold to seal an intake leak at the carburetor!

I suppose you could TRY it for head gasket use... I suspect it will blow out quickly and you can replace it with a proper head gasket easy enough when it fails the test. At least these 2 smokes are easy to work on !

Good luck
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