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Default Re: Lets Make a Snow Bike

Originally Posted by D.J. View Post
This unit is for sale near me . The price is OK but I have no interest in it . I get cold enough just walking to my car . .......... D.J.

Ktrax Rear ski -Paddles Assembly Maples / Tyndall Park / North End, Winnipeg
Yup, that's the Ktrak kit. Tried one in the lot next door to a local bike shop that had a demo available 3 or 4 years ago. I was far from impressed with the thing. It was very unstable and far too easy to break traction just with robust pedaling. The shop owner asked what I thought and when I told him he said they were really mostly a novelty made for taking a chair lift or snowcat to the top and the equivalent of downhill biking but on snow.

This subject comes up every year about this, lol.

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