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Default Re: Don't DROOL on your keyboards...

I've heard one other person mention something about that and he had worked
at the H-Coal Syn-Fuels HQ at the Cattletsburg, Kentucky Refinery till it was closed in the mid eighties. (Formerly Ashland Oil & Refining Company, makers of Valvoline motor oil) That place is down river from me about 20 miles.

Ironically fuel & oil was inexpensive then and more foreign import of it seemed a good idea at the time of a new morning in America. This was all about the time of Shagan's book. I remember the line Adam Steiffel speaks over to the phone to Franz Tauber, Swiss businessman near the end of the book that can tell us much, "Well Franz, if we mine it (the coal) now it's just coal.....but if we sit on it about 50'll be gold".

Item: Presently in West Virginia mountain top coal removal is the principle strip mining taking place. Sen. Jay Rockefeller has most of his mines shut down....presumably waiting for the coal to turn to gold.

Yes, you're right..take your pick they are both the same & the more things change the more they seem to stay the same.

"Money, not Morality is the principle commerce of civilized nations".

My father used to tell me of his boyhood and watching granddad fill the tank with .11 cent a gallon (4liter) gasoline. Perhaps someday we motorbicycler's
will tell grand kids of fueling the 1 liter fuel tanks of our motorbikes for a dollar.
Hard to believe that could be vintage some day.

Thanks for mentioning that Whiteoakharold and helping to connect the dots.
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