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I've kept up with this thread from day one when John (the retired machinist, whatever happened to him?) first posted his findings. I've read the pros and cons and as all of you know I'm a die-hard Opti-2 user. That's in contradiction to the warnings from engine suppliers and those who have never tried the stuff.

Initially the thread was interesting and informative. However, it seems to be going the way of many threads and turning into a platform for argument.

I submit that any future posts to this thread be only first person findings and experience using a 100:1 mix, Opti-2 or any other blend, either positive or negative. I believe it goes without saying that the majority of those running this so called unorthadox lubrication ratio have found nothing to sway their devotion to it from the naysayers and backyard 'experts'. By the way, you don't get conclusive test results by bolting an engine to a stationary mount and running the heck out of it. A no load test, even if you throw on a propeller, doesn't duplicate real running conditions. Engine designers, when testing their designs either put them in vehicles and drive them or they are set up on a load test dynometer which can impose real world conditions.

This said, I stand by my submittal that this thread should, from this day on, reflect only positive or negative results USING the 100:1 mix ratio. Let's stop the bickering. It's repetitive and non-productive.

But, I am interested in this ear wax idea.

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