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Default Re: Hello from modesto.

Originally Posted by Atom209 View Post
Just finished my first build about 2 months ago. This forum is a great help with trouble shooting, installation tips and info.

I bought the bike before ever thinking about a motorized bicycle build, it was a challenge but well worth it.

GT Falcon, 66CC, MM adapter with 40T sprocket from Pirate cycle. I just recently purchased the HD-12 Ga front wheel with the Sturmey Archer drum hub from pirate as well. On my second gallon of gas so about the third tank. and everything is so far so good.

Just wanted to say thank you for all the helpful info.

P.S. Any others close to my neck of the woods??
Welcome to the forum. It's always good to have more members joining us. Good looking bike that you built, this hobby can become expensive real fast if you haven't noticed by now. Take care and keep the pictures coming.
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