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Default Re: I had a breakdown today...

Okay, more info... I meant this to be one post but hit the wrong button. No worries.

So, it's wired blue/blue black/black for now, white's safely tucked away. Everything's sealed where it needs to be, torque's good on everything. I cleaned out a fair bit of crap, and Dremeled off a lot more (the shop vac's going be full of glitter). There was a lot of debris under the pressure plate around the clutch pucks that could have been pretty messy, and the flower nut was loose.
With the guidance of the machinist in the house I lapped the head and jug on a slab of polished granite, using fine wet sand paper followed by toothpaste and baking soda until it was nice and shiny.

Unfortunately the run to work in the morning is likely to be it's first real run. I buzzed up and down the lane a few times but my lights aren't great for seeing by and there's no light back there.

rc: Hard to say, I think it had around 800 miles on it. I've always been a tinkerer on bikes, but I'm working my way there. I inherited my dad's "smart hands" when it comes to the toolbox. There's a lot of great info here and elsewhere on the net.. if I can figure this out, just abut anyone can.

vincent: Yep, that's the stuff. I'm a little uneasy about it but I'm trying it, we'll see how it goes. I was hoping not to sacrifice a motor for parts, now it looks like the first motor is the parts supply for at least a few things.

Wrestling the old motor out of the frame was a feat, it had settled in and didn't want to budge. The old motor was my first install, before I found the forums here and learned a lot. It was installed straight out of the box with no prepping done. I've made excuses not to make the time to tear it apart and do it right since, and now they've come back to haunt me. That won't happen again.


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