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Default Re: I had a breakdown today...

Originally Posted by vincent713 View Post
$37 for the head kit compared to $98 for the bare bone engine hmm that's a big difference to me. I would split the crank case and see if it's still salvageable and get the head kit. This is just my thoughts, what would you guys do?
At this point with the head off already, revealing the piston and cylinder damage, and worry about stray ring metal in the crankcase, I would probably crack the bottom end open first before I order anything. After inspecting the bottom end, less any surprises I would clean it up and order the $37 top end kit. If anything looked bad in the bottom end when I would just order the $98 motor instead. There is also a good argument for ordering the motor right away, installing it on the bike and then take your time repairing the other motor and hang on to it as a spare. You never know when you will wish you had a spare!
I guess some guys would just assume put out the extra $60 bucks right away and avoid all the work, other guys would prefer to save some money or consider ripping it apart and repairing it an adventure. To each his own on that one I guess....

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