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Default Re: I had a breakdown today...

Gosh I'm sry to see how ur motor went south, CT.
How much time did you have on it?

As GN, forst thing I noticed was a lot of ash on the dome, and the little nicks/dings... something was bangin around in there.

I see u got a new motor now... and I'm hopin u follow Alf's new motor page...

...Would someone post a link for this 'red gasketmaker' stuff?
I dunno what it is, and I still don't like it! lol
I just can't see any goop to be as good as a metal gasket on properly lapped surfaces. I'd like to read the specs the producer is claiming for the stuff.

IMO u should run 32:1 for the first 1/2 tank, then go to 50:1 using quality oil.
...but let it cool down after it warms up on a run...
Heck! ur gonna be an ace wrench pretty soon... I'd try Opti2 in the new motor!
It's the newest and bestest with great testimonials here on the forum from competent guys!

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