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Default Re: Is this normal for SBP expansion chamber

After messing with the provided silicone tubing for a few months i tossed it all. After trying a few different methods this is what I found works best - go to the auto parts store and buy fiberglass muffler repair tape and header wrap. Get your pipe adjusted the way you want, as far as bends and angles. Make sure it is clean of grease & debris. Use household tin foil and create a neat, 3 layer wrap to go over each seem. Make sure the foil is not bunched up, make sure it is at least 3 layers thick, and wrap it as tightly as you can around the seems in the expansion chamber. Then wrap again with the fiberglass muffler repair tape, you don't need a lot. Lastly, wrap the pipe with the header tape to give it a clean look. The fiberglass tape will melt some and form a super nice seal under the header wrap. Don't use any glue for the header tape, it will smoke and stink and discolor - Use radiator clamps on each end of the header wrap to hold it in place, and when wrapping it take your time to ensure each wrap around is super-snug. The muffler repair tape costs @ 7 bucks, the header wrap can be a little pricey, around 30-40 bucks, but you will have enough to wrap 20 expansion chambers. And obviously, you're only wrapping up to the baffle. Hope this helps!
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