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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Y'all r real popular with the vampires!
I guess that's real good of you... specially for riders like me who one day may need the help.

Gosh, it's hard to top that!

DRC, sry to hear abt your crank escapade... I would find some kinda nut that will get on there, and strike it with an arc to hold it until there is some reason to split the cases, requiring removal of the crank, and the rotor... could be a very long time.

CT... Whew!
Yer just havin outhouse luck, buddy!
...might drive me to drinkin! lol
full points for perseverance!

57, I'm sry... looks like I went off half-cocked without knowing more about your motorized bicycle and the equipment you are running.

It came back around and bit me. Really!

I DID re-jet my cns 48 to .029 which is one size leaner..
It still wasn't right with the needle in #5 all the way fat so I took it up to #4 which got me just a little improvement in the low & slow thru mid range...
So, I started cranking out on the idle mixture adjustment.
...Got me some promising results!
So I dun it some more and went for a speed run...
Maybe the fastest I been, so far! Happy camper!!!
I'm looking forward to gud things, buzzing up the first block, when it felt funny all of a sudden and I braced myself because I knew what was gonna happen... The chain got wonky and locked up the back wheel as I slid to a stop. 20ft of skidmark rubber and I did NOT crash the mab!
Happy camper!
Well, the motorized bicycle is broke, but I ain't!
#1 happened by and gave me a screwdriver to pry the chain out from between the spokes and the rag joint mounted sprocket. I pulled the master link and pedaled back home... It was even downhill !

So I moved on to another project...

Here's what we do with the peanut tank offn a broken mab...
use it for a temp fuel reserve to feed the carb on the econoline I'm working on. lol
What a hack job!

It will be 50yrs old in a couple months... ran good!
Within half an hour I put more gas through it than I do my motorized bicycle in a week!

It's all good!
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