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Default Happy Time Engine Electric Starter/Generator Question...

Just out of curiosity, how many here would be interested in a electric starter/generator for the HT engines?

I'm building a new bike and have decided to buy a freewheel sprocket hub for the engine. Every once in awhile I do like to actually pedal the bicycle but h*ll the resistance from the engine chain and clutch can sometimes be too much. The problem with this is I will not be able to pedal start the engine any more so I ordered a pull starter. That was before I read all those horror stories about the d*mn thing breaking relatively quickly.

So I've been studying a way to make an electric starter that would be no bigger mounted on the engine than the pull starter. With the added benefit of the starter motor becoming a generator once the engine starts I will be able to with the aid of a controlling circuit charge a battery at 13.8 volts and run a real set of lights and turn signals and horn.

My goal is to make it safer for me to ride on the streets. I ask the question because if this works well for me I would be willing to make kits, starter, lights, batteries, and etc. to sell to others but only if there is a market for such.


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