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Default Re: I had a breakdown today...

Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
Here we go.....

These should be in the same order going around. Looking up from the bottom of the cylinder, since the upper half is nice and smooth.

Attachment 42132

Attachment 42133

Attachment 42134

Attachment 42135

So What I'm seeing makes me think that I need to replace the cylinder, piston and rings. Or (more likely) swap motors and set this one aside for a full tear down.

Your ideas are welcome, I would really like to have things running for the trip to work Monday but I suspect it might not work out that way.
I am also interested in what the more experienced riders have to say about this, I would guess you need to replace the top end as you suggested. Personally I would probably follow your second path if possible, swap out the motor and set this one aside for a complete rebuild.
Still I wonder, with all the damage to the piston being below the rings, and all the major damage to the cylinder below the ports, might she still run if you just replace the broken ring(s)? Seems she would still get compression as long as the damage is below the ports and rings???
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