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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

When changing from 26 x 1.95 to 26 x 2.35 tires, their diameters raises from 26" to 27". This dropped the bike's effective overall gear ratios 4%, changing my bike to a dog. To compensate for this, I swapped my 30t bicycle chainring to 24t, lowering my overall gear ratio 25%!

Now the bike charges over the steep ramps at work. I could shift to second gear if I wanted to. I MIGHT have lost top speed. I don't think so, because eighth gear lowered from 12:1 to a more effective 15:1.

First gear is 46.32:1, and second gear is lower than the original first gear. The bike rips @ low speed!

With shift kits, gear ratios have to be much lower than other engine drive systems. Pedal-assist w/shift kits is very weak.

I also noted that the bike rolls MUCH farther with taller tires.
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