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Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Well it's Amsoil Saber @ 100:1 instead of Opti,
Wow thats really cool B.A.!

My first 5.8 Morini I examined the cylinder bore @ 4000 plus miles and one very cruel and unusual beating testing all limitations. I was convinced I had scored the piston and had a new one with rings on stand by..

To my joy and surprise! The 5.8 looked bran new inside the bore.... not one scuff mark on the piston or the cylinder walls!!! The piston had the original lath groove cut marks from when the piston was constructed at the factory unblemished. The carbon trails around the piston rings were text book perfect.

With the jshaft abomination I got that motor so hot once on a severe 20 mile ''up hill'' towards a Mountain test run... that it even stopped running till I let it cool off in the hottest month of July in real Desert heat 100 F. plus . That was my morbid severe testing madness tho. I really wanted to know if I could break chains the N.V. hub etc. For better words I was ''absolutely'' trying to break it.... ALL 0F IT.

While waiting for the motor to cool off the N.V. hub left a wicked burn scar on my hand... When I touched it my skin sizzled!! I love the M. single speed now.. That N.V. was not a energy efficient design in my experience

My 9.4 single speed is absolutely cherry and does every thing perfect for me. Never did I over heat that motor. That 5.8 was run on Amsoil's Dominator @ 42to one.

That other motor looks like a Marine motor?

I saw this post today and found it very interesting.

Originally Posted by Greybeard View Post
I found this while doing some research on oils. It's not completely scientific, but it's interesting for a couple reasons. The engine was spinning a propeller, and rpm differences show as power increase or decrease. Opti-2 was not used in this test, however the only 100-1 test showed piston scuffing, whereas none showed in any other test. I'd look at that as a headsup. No extra power, but extra wear. The most power was @ the beginning of a test @ 32-1

If nothing else, that was a real tough test, hours running at full throttle. Nascar engines only run 3 hours and are torn down and rebuilt or sold. This sucker endured quite a beating.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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