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I have an old alternator from a Chevette that I think is 60 amp and another not sure the amperage, but from a Ford Ranger which should also have a bit of punch. I suppose I could make a welder from those. Marine Alternators go up to around twice the amperage I saw checking some specs. They usually have large banks of batteries on sail boats so you can run inverters for AC power and still sleep cool at night without a diesel running.

My art motor bike might benefit from 60 amps DC, but the battery for field voltage and the alternator itself would add a bit of weight. The jack shaft has room for another pulley though.

The previous mention of dangerous ways of going about some things, well yea, you have to know what is right for you. Your #1!
I’ve seen where in Cozumel a pickup truck was being unloaded of gasoline for boats at a dock. The tailgate was a few feet off the ground. 55 gallon drums weighed a lot. What did I see happening….. they tipped the drums on their sides and rolled them off the tailgate to an awaiting old truck tire to cushion the fall from the tail gate. Then they rolled them down the dock and I guess they either had the power turned off to these two individual bare wires that carried AC wall outlet power down to the end of the dock. I made it out alive so I’m glad!

The other thing I saw at a hotel there for the course of a week, an outlet was being installed in a stone wall on the exterior to the hotel. A hammer and chisel was doing the job. About an inch and a half of depth was attained and still going on while I left. Power tools anyone? So it goes the guy sweeping the dust constantly along with the guy on the ladder chiseling away. Maybe a month it took, don’t know.

Getting the job done and having people employed is important so only the dangerous aspects are the ones that get me though!

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