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Default Re: Some help with centrifugal clutch install

Originally Posted by geoldr View Post
Ok, today I installed the wide cranks. And when I say wide. I mean, wide. Its kinda cool though. The super long bottom bracket is like a foot rest! Not sure if its a good idea, but its comfy. Heres some pics of my bike after the paint and installation.

No front derailleur, no rear either. Single speed. I really enjoy it like this. And since the old derailleur was using a super cheap mounting method, I wasn't always able to use my horizontal dropouts to their full potential. And now I can, and get perfect tension on the bike, and much better on the motorized side too.

The paint is pretty good, for my first time at least. I really like it! Better than that crappy green it was before.
Hey what size (inch) is that bottom bracket for your crank?
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