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Default Re: I Gave Up ! Correct 2 cycle oil percentage ????

I thought I'd be carefully mixing in oil- turns out here's what I do- and I use my bike almost daily for almost five miles or so-

I put gas in the tank, and then a small dollop of oil from the plastic container- I found that when I was trying to get about a 30 to 1 mix, that eventually the oil seemed to be accumulating in the system a little bit- i was dripping a lot out the exhaust-

so now the two builds are all broke in I just wing it, and I can now tell both by how the bike is running and by how much oil drips out the exhaust- I usually try for none-

I put in a minimum but enough so it seems it will lubricate the motor- I get maybe 8 or 10 smaller tank fills out of an 8 oz oil container. No problems yet. I'm never smoking or hearing any metallic noise like there's not enough.

With that new lightweight 415 trike chain rolling smooth, my 50 build was purring along smoothly today again!
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