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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by East82 View Post
First of all A huge thanks to everyone on this forum who've answered my questions, posted how-to's and have given insight.

This has been a few weeks in the making. Not a whole lot of tweaking or mods, just some basics and some cosmetic enhancements. I replaced the spark plug, wire and cover as recommended (All NGK) and it DOES make a difference. Put on an oversized fuel filter, put zip ties on fuel line connections (not too tight, just snug) and siliconed the intake. My tensioner mod is holding up. Here are some ,model numbers of the parts:
  • Spark plug - NGKB5HS
  • Spark plug cover - NGKTB05EM-R
  • Fuel filter - WIX 33001

...and some pics.
Good idea with the chain thing. But the issue I've had before is not the tensioner sliding, it's twisting into the wheel...
Although I've fixed that problem by using some fine German methods. I applied the German torque spec to the bolts, gut'en-tight.

I haven't done much with my motorized bicycle lately. I moved from ME to NC (1100 miles), and brought it with me. Which ended up being a wonderful choice. About half way at 1AM my car broke down and left me stuck, fortunately I made it into a parking lot.
Next morning I pulled the motorized bicycle off my rack and rode it 15 miles to a parts store so I could get stuff to fix my car!
I have the carb tuned a little rich for all the hills in Maine, and so it gets enough fuel going down hill, and the 44t sprocket.
It's so flat here!! It's still kind of freaking me out, the town I live in has a maximum elevation of 20ft above sea level. So I could probably run a 38t sprocket and go FAST!

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