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Default Norwegian newbie..

Loves the 50s style in cars & bikes...plays a lot of rock´n roll/rockabilly, and are now trying also in abicycle project..

Lives in the middle of Norway, with NOT liberal laws for newer motorized bicycles, but have some national laws about vintage or classic motorized transportation as possibility.
And as long i uses an old bicycle (over 30 y.old), i can get probition to use with an engine.

Have done lot about paint, airbrushing before, was tattoist a few years, done a lot as webmaster, PR work, and is now a part-trucker. Mostly learned the hard way, to do it your self, is the way, because hard to find anyone else with the same understanding, or"skills" to do it. Started customizing car , and as a wrencher, at age of. 17, and still have had my car now, cusomized of course, for the last 25 years!All done by myself. interior,paint,technical,etc.

happend to have some sparetime now, and wanted a fun easy project in my way of style..Found this forum, and a lot of great builds here!!!

Regards Guys!! (& girls)
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