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Default Re: I'm really jazzed over a new chain I got today!

OK- Got it out today- the 415 trike/industrial on my 50cc huffy cruiser-

Results: very satisfactory- it's a little loose when I pull the pedal chain tight, and I'm now going to install that 3 piece alloy crank I've had for awhile- so that's all another issue- no problems though I took it easy for that reason


Is there less rolling resistence- I could tell peddling, but I have a REALLY light granny gear- 36 x 22 on the pedals- so I can't tell- the bike rolls just as good or better with the 700C wheels

If it's quieter though, I think there's less resistence- so the dif is mostly as far as the motor's concerned I guess- It purred along today in 60 degree weather.

So for less than $12 dollars I'm glad to save half the weight of the kit chain and have a quieter bike. I'd say it's worth it.

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