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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

57, jumpa is correct, both in diagnosis and the fix.

Nice as your spiffy tensioner must be, it should not be dancing!
Your sprocket is out of concentric with the wheel... It's running in an oval.
Basically, it's robbing power.
NOT gud!

So I did re-jet my cns today, but no test run because of rain.
It was at .0305 and I took it down to .029... That's just abt in the ballpark for #68 to #69.
I dropped the circlip on the slide needle down to groovy #5 making it all the way fat and will make adjustments leaning it out as I see how it performs.

My kid was working on an adjacent project and could not see the importance of changing a jet so little, when he saw the fine wire bits I was using... He said it was nothing like what he did on his dirtbikes. I explained to him his bikes were much larger and putting out 40+ hp which gave him at least some leeway in jetting. My tiny little engine is only 48cc and 1 1/2, maybe 2hp on the very best of days! I need every little bit of power I can get to haul my carcass up he would NOT consider to be a hill! lol

Gosh I hope this makes the improvement I need.
If it doesn't, I'll need to set the cns on the shelf and run with the nt for a while.

Fenders... I'm gonna need fenders for the rainy winter WX.
As I was abt to toss some abs inner fender buckets left over from the other kids mustang, it dawned on me that I might be able to cut strips out of them to make fenders for my mab... so I cut them down to only portions I can use, and need to get started on that project quickly... and tires... I got some pretty slick tires on it now. Better mount some with a more aggressive tread so I don't go sliding the wheels out in puddles while turning.
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