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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Yesterday I lost spark out on a run. When I got it back to the garage I went over it pretty thoroughly. The CDI tests out on the other bike, so it's okay as far as I know.

Today I changed the magneto out along with the plug. The kill switch is disconnected. I went blue/blue and black/black and got nothing. I went white/black instead and with the choke open and throttle half to wide open I had it running once, but as soon as the throttle closed it died. It doesn't want to repeat the start right now. I pulled the carb, dropped the float bowl. Float's good, lever is good, pin and stem both fine, the barrel lifts when the throttle's twisted, fuel flow is good (when I unscrew the drain with valves open it dribbles freely). I even washed out the crud in the 'air cleaner'/foam as it was looking a bit wet and gritty. Nothing has changed on the whole set-up, except the loss of spark... I'm running out of ideas and things to check. There must be something I've missed or overlooked.


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