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The Ducati Cucciolo was a gem. I've read the history of MABs in the US and appreciate the early Popes, Indians and Harley Davidson's that came up from bicycles but I look at them as collectibles now. As soon as Mr. Harley and Mr. Davidson got their chops together, they dropped bicycle frames and built a shop to make real motorcycles with dedicated frames, brakes, wheels and suspension, etc.

I've gotten more useful, real people, inspiration from the history of MABs in Europe, particularly after WWII. The Euros have long been able to keep things separate with a rich history in bicycles, motor assisted bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles. The Ducati's, Cyclemasters and VeloSolexes were kept as motor assist bicycles for almost a hundred years without blurring the lines or causing the authorities to worry much. I was reading recently the the French Postal Service once had a fleet of Velosolexes for local route delivery. They recognized the real value in appropriate technology: cost effective, lightweight, navigable on narrow streets, reliable and able to assist human productivity.

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