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Default Re: Throttle Upgrade Question

Originally Posted by Dave31 View Post
I like the one from Napa and I can get it locally...

This looks pretty similar to the one I've got...have you had good experience with it? Mine now is pretty flimsy and it sticks.

Originally Posted by F_Rod81 View Post
here is another option in addition to the others. . .

Throttle Assembly

Post some pics when your Throttle decision is on the bike
This seems pretty similar to the SBP one (and the american $200 one below). I'm sure the one for 200 bucks is great quality but it's interesting to see this one and the SBP one seem to use a similar mechanism. Maybe they're worth a try.

Originally Posted by Barnfresh View Post
You got your cheap Chinese throttles, Japanese and Italian throttles but what's missing here is a good old American made throttle. That's right the absolute highest quality throttle, and it is made right here in the USA! Joker Machine's Offroad Catalog
I refuse to buy a throttle more expensive than my entire bike!
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