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Default Re: What is the best seat?

Thanks, Rusty. I enjoy this bike a lot and intend to ride it in our local Christmas parade. I need to adjust or replace the springs in the centifugal clutch because chainsaws engage at high RPMS to reach their power band before they start cutting. The result, my clutch engagement is not as smooth as I'd like starting out or shifting gears (my Huasheng engages just above idle which is perfect for MBs) Hey, Birdmann, was your spiderman seat originally designed for bicycles or motorcycles? Are there mounting holes for the springs on the bottom of the seat pan? It's a perfect size for a bobber, I like it a lot. I hope you got a good deal on it. Call me nuts, but I'm currently fabricating a springer hard seat pan from a heavy aluminum frying pan I lifted from my father-in-laws restaurant. I'm mounting it on my current build, a chrome Giant Stiletto with 66cc Chinagirl. I hope to have it finished today and test ride for the first time this weekend after some tweaking. I'll let you know if it gives me hemorrhoids or roasted chestnuts!!!!
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