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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

It's been raining/drizzling this week, but I still rode my motorized bicycle to work. Sometimes I started off wearing my rain jacket. Or when it started raining, I'd stop, don my jacket and resume my ride.

My co-workers think I'm crazy; they look out the office window and fear the warm rain. I just ride more cautiously, sometimes on the sidewalk.

My newly-fabbed chain tensioner works well. I'm using a slightly grooved ($5 used) polyurethane skateboard wheel, ($1) flat plate, ($2) 11lb spring and a ($1.59) small turnbuckle. My engine chain runs tight/loose/tight/loose. It MIGHT be due to a defective chainring sprocket or freewheel. However, this tensioner solves that issue. The cool thing about the skateboard wheel is that it has a high-performance ABEC-7 bearing, good for thousands of rpms. With the 1" OD engine sprocket, 2.5" OD skateboard wheel and 5:1 transmission, the high-quality bearing is spinning less than 600rpm at the engine's 7,000rpm redline. And instead of a 200lb rider pushing down on four skateboard wheels, there's only an 11lb spring applying pressure on the bearing and chain.

It's so cool, looking down and seeing the chain tensioner in action!

What's even cooler is watching the derailleur in action and listening to a high-performance engine, as the rider shifts gears seven times.

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