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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Back in the day, Champion plugs were THE plug to use in our SBCs.
...the racer's edge... and all that stuff.

In later years, doing more with the dirtbikes, there was just no better plug for general use than the NGK in the 2 smoke motors of different sizes.

I don't know what it is abt them, but they just performed btr, and longer.

...if oreilly don't have the b6hs, go to the next store! lol

...I always thought the Autolite plugs were a nicer looking product than Champions... so when working on a Ford I always run them. It shouldn't matter.

Now, it seems the only plug that needs attention is the stoopid thing Ford did with their Triton series. jerks

Will rejet my cns again today, another step leaner, and will pull the needle up all the way for starters.
I ran on a long downhill a few days back, when I thought I was in a hurry. Got the biggest r's the engine has ever seen, and it was singing! Sounded very good, and was very smooth with no evidence of vibration increasing.
...I should have kept a proper log of my process re-jetting...

If this new try doesn't make an improvement, I'm gonna switch out to the nt for a while...
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