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Default Re: Whats in your "On board tool kit "

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
Somebody's probably already mentioned it, but I learned the hard way. As the seasons change and the sky darkens sooner, I found a flashlight would come in handy. Especially since I hit a bump on a tree-lined street, under oncoming twilight, and my house keys decided to hop out of my pocket and dive for cover. My headlight was able to suffice. But it occurred to me that if I ever had to work on the bike under these conditions, I may want a light that isn't attached to the bike.
Good idea. For years now I've been wearing a 'Panthervision' ball-cap with a pair of LEDs in the front of the brim and a couple of CR2032 batteries in the band, like this but black. I like 'em because the brim is slightly longer than many hats that style, and it adds enough light on a dark path to avoid trees and some light where I'm looking when working. I haven't tried the clip on ones, they'd probably be as helpful.


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