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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Needing a few odds and ends, and it being a nice day I took the beast out for a ride.. three quarters of the way there it died on me, seems to be getting no spark. Checked the wiring, with and without kill switch. Tried swapping white and black wires. No luck. (I had to switch to running on the white wire a few weeks ago, from the black. It just stopped working for me, but I didn't have a tester for the wire then.)

Anyway, once I got it back to the garage I started poking around. There is continuity on all three wires from the magneto to the CDI. I checked both bikes while I was at it. There is continuity from the ends of the wires to thier connections. On my bike when I check the black wire I get a light (circuit) on nearly every surface in the magneto housing. The white, only at it's connection, same for blue. On the working bike, the difference is that I get a light on nearly every surface with both white and black wires. Curious, that.

I swapped the CDI from my bike over to the other bike, and it fires up and runs, so the CDI is fine. I seem to be getting nothing useful from the magneto with the voltmeter but I admit I may not know enough about what I'm seeing either.

I tinkered with things until I ran out of daylight (and then some). It's supposed to pour rain tomorrow, but I might be able to pull the magneto and see if there's anything there I can do. If not, I may have to find one and put it in and see what that does for me.


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