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Default Re: I'm really jazzed over a new chain I got today!


I'm going to amend some of this- I just installed the 415 Trike chain on one cruiser-
It looks great- seemed to weigh maybe 1/2 to 2/3 for the same length of kit chain-


The 415 trike/industrial like mine ships with 110 links- I think I have 9 links left over after cutting the chain- AND I don't use any tensioner- The 415 Trike chain MAY be long enough for your application- not sure how many links usually in kit chain-

But the 415H heavy duty chain usually only ships with 98 links- probably not enough for most people here.

And I DON'T RECOMMEND the Bell breaker except in a pinch- I used it again tonight- but got the initial part of the split going with that expensive thing pictured above and then used the Bell after the pin was off one side plate-
the expensive tool just bends the back plate backwards with the pin stuck in it, because it doesn't have a backing plate to hold it

To put the other chain back together, I used CHANNEL LOCKS to push the pin through the middle of the chain and THEN it fits in the Bell breaker for final push-
Large pliers may get it started enough, but the channel locks push the chain back in square.

Gonna test it out in the next couple days- report back then.

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