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Default Old Ducati

Saw this and thought to share the video. This engine has a amazing sound to it when revved. A real jewel of a bike!
Ducati cucciolo - Rapida - YouTube

Here is a language translation to English from the You Tube poster:

This is one of my classic. As you can see this engine equipped with a Ducati Cucciolo (Duca T50) 4-stroke 48cc and the frame was manufactured by Quick in Olhão (Portugal) in 1954 ... It has 1.5 HP with a consumption of 1 liter per 100 km, 2-speed manual gear selection and clutch bathed in oil .. easily reaches 40 km / h but not more .. is a genuine rarity since only 30 were built with this board and no equals since they were built the way the buyer and the engine he wanted. Restored by me four years.
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