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Default Re: chain tensioner modification

Great thread! You folks are a joy 2 know. When you guys veer off unexpectedly, I either learn the answer to a question I didn't know I had yet or laugh out loud. Just saying thankx.

Have no pics yet, but have a caloricly challenged cat named Ethel who is dating a skunk and has a pet blind mouse who she eats with. The mouse sneeks in to the house to partake of her food bowl. "Bill" the blind mouse didn't run so she didn't chase him down and eat him. Hart warming to watch them share a meal. I have never found any mouse poop and he eats very lil, so whats the harm. (Except it drives the Baby's Momma crazy)

Side note; I finally got around to removing my tensioner and shortened the well stretched chain on my point beach. 2 links less, and is perfect! Next day, flat tire and couldn't ride. snork
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