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Default Re: Hello from modesto.

Hey Atom

I'm not familiar with (maxima Pro castor 927) but 20:1 is heavy if I understand things right.

I am running Lucas semi synth. I too am at 32 to one but with the new carb it goes to 40:1 as soon as I use up this fuel.
That is 40 parts gas to one part oil.

You know I need to learn more about the plug test. Which thread is that (link) for me and others.

I have oil out my stinger so I know it is getting plenty. Stinger is 24 inches long.

As for mix ratios ya know 100 miles is the start. After 100 miles I feel better about 32:1 but I ran 16:1 I think for the first 100. I have to look again at the bottle.

But with the weather being cool the heat stress on the motor is also down and I understand that 40/;1 is not so bad with Lucas.

Might search the threads. There is a lot of banter on what oils and mix ratios as well as plugs.

As to that plug being dark was the electrode end grey? Grey-white?
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