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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

I have 100 psi on a 1.5 litre Orange Crush bottle tonight. \

Feels good to know I can waste some toots and oh yes people hear the horn!

I need to also make a video of the lights on the bike. I have to say this the multi-colored wheel light is very cool as well.

I have the red on the front and now a light on the rear that ranges red, green, blue , purple, yellow, white.

Also I have decided to velcro a light to my helmet so it can blink even more.

Why **** I may add some blue LED's I have here to light up the engine area or such. I have paid for them and have all the parts as well.

BUT I also discovered I broke a 12 gauge spoke on the rear wheel. This is the Heavy Duty wheel I bought not much more than a month ago. Got to say the bike takes a beating at about 30 mph on rough roads daily.

Well there are some issues of tie-wraping the new configuration to do yet.
There is the mud flaps to do yet.
There is the Bicygnals mod to do yet.

So it's off to the bicycle shop for the rear wheel and time for me to get on the other mods while I have time.

Lets hope I don't blow out the Orange Crush bottle There is no real stealth place to mount a 1.5 litre bottle so it is tie wrapped to the spar tube bag on the front. Still 100 psi in 1.5 litre space is a lot of toots. The little bottle was good for 4 good pissed off honkings but tonight I feel I can get 8 or more out of the 1.5 litre. I did three already tonight as a test.
I have air to waste. Toot-TA-Ta- Toot!-Toot! .. Toot toot ( think shave and a hair cut 2bits )

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