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Cool Guestimating my bike is saving me about $30 in gas a month

And here in Jacksonville- I can ride it most of the year- I generally go almost daily for cofee and have a front basket for some groceries there- I may use the car once or twice a week otherwise. I'm putting a dollar's worth of gas in the bike a little less than weekly I think- I'd probably be using about ten gallons extra a month in the car if not for the bike- and that's my tiny Ford Aspire in town.

So maybe I'm saving even a little more than $30, more when gas goes up again- I think I' maybe use a tenth as much on the bike as opposed to the car- most people would use an even greater ratio. So that's at least $360 in gas a year-

or TWO motor kits at todays shipping price-

And it's FUN.

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