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Default Felt magno, EZM Qmatic, Custom lighting, amazing ride!

Ok, so this is my second magno build, the first one Had a china girl and some extras and I sold it for around 2k back in july on ebay, so I thought, lets go BIG! So here is my latest magno build ( I love the magno, incase you could not tell)
Its got an EZM qmatic kit. ( this kit is amazing, when it wants to run, but it has been nothing but trouble since I got it) Also, I added a motorcycle headlight, LED taillight and a motorcycle horn. I run all those off a little rechargable 12v battery.Also, it has a pirate 54t sprocket and an analog speedo. I have also fabbed up a custom juice can gas tank for it. Now let me say, this bike is fast! properly fast. There is a stationary police radar thing in my little home town that lets you know if your going to fast down the main drag by flashing your speed on a big display. This is what I use to test the speed on my bikes ( since I dont trust bike speedos) My big 205lbs butt can get this bike up to 43mph, my little brother who is maybe pushing 140 can get it up to 49mph. Its smooth as butter and has an ooohhh so smooth exhaust note. This is my first time with an EZM kit and my only issue with the ezm kit is that sometimes it does not want to start, no matter how long I pull on it, choke on, choke off, does not matter, it wont start, then if I let it sit for about 20 or 30 minutes, it will fire up first pull, also, twice it has stalled out while driving and done this. Acts like it is getting to much gas and flooding its self. Also, ill say that the kit is gutless, a 49cc china girl will run circles around this thing on the hills, but on the straights, its unstoppable! all in all, I love this bike, I almost dont want to sell it. but that will only make room for the next build, FELT has some awesome models comming out this year!

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