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Default Re: Stole one of my freakin` bikes

Originally Posted by nightcruiser View Post
Sorry you lost such a sweet bike, lets hope it was some local lowlife and it turns up riding around town. That's one thing about a bike like that, really easy to spot!
Security cameras are good, but I want hidden lojack gps locator for the bike... Someone needs to invent that, or even some sort of transmittor receiver setup you could drive around with and listen for a signal....
Remember the one the guy had on "No country for old men"? Something like that you mean right? That would be awesome .

See the problem for me having something like that is when I catch the guy that stole the bike .. even if its the guy that bought it for $150 bucks off some crack head "because that's what they all say when they get caught" regardless the poor guy is gonna take a beating .
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