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Default Re: Stole one of my freakin` bikes

Originally Posted by nightcruiser View Post
... I want hidden lojack gps locator for the bike... Someone needs to invent that, or even some sort of transmittor receiver setup you could drive around with and listen for a signal....
I'm not sure how they do it here (and I'm not about to volunteer to find out ) but in addition to the bait car program they have here there is also a 'bait bike' program. On motorcycles etc it can work, I'm not sure if it would adapt to a bicycle platform. I'm wondering how they'd track it myself, perhaps something that could go into a seat tube or into the handlebars? The frame itself is an adequate antenna. If it was an object like a fake light, someone would steal it first (and try to sell it to you a block away). Maybe they could use RFIDs and detection points. *shrugs*
My wife used to work for a place that did GPS fleet tracking, and the company I work for has it on the trucks.. The version her company used was about the size of an old VHS or Beta tape (remember those?) and vanished into the dashboard somewhere from below. The ones on our trucks are external, about the size of a coffee can.

Of course, if you carry a cell phone blocker you can disable a number of these things temporarily, depending on the style/model of unit. Some go to the satellite, others use the cell phone network.


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