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Default Re: Nut thread dia/pitch Eng Mtg Bolt?

Originally Posted by Maxvision View Post

Don't buy cheap taps and dies...there's a reason why they're cheap! Yes, they're hard steel but VERY, VERY brittle.

Imagine tapping a hole and the tap snaps off. You can't just drill out the tap because the tap is harder than the surrounding metal and your drill will go off center and really screw things up. Whatever money you saved buying cheap taps will be spent buying the tool you'll need to extract it. Cheap dies go dull fast if they don't crack in half first.
Correct...and you can buy the size you need. I have a cheap tap and die set..only use the dies, and bought good taps...I have a 6mm and 8mm and that's about all you need unless you have a 8mm X 1.0 thread. Just think how much a good tap cost vs a broken tap in a hole. Believe me, I broke a cheap tap off years ago. Thank goodness the project didn't cost much to replace. Before using a tap, please read up on the correct way to use it. You don't just screw the tap in and cut threads, and use a lubricant...I use thread cutting lube. I use the same lube drilling a hole...bought a 4 oz bottle in 2009 and still have over half of it left. By the way the 6mm tap I have, I've must of used it over 100 times.
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